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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Episode 1: Star Trek Will Save Your Life

And so will listening to Transporter Room 3, our brand new Star Trek-only podcast!

Movies, TV, toys, creepy cosplay -- if it's about a starship, a Vulcan or a Borg Babe, your fearless Trek fanatics (and IGN editors) Scott Collura and Phil Pirrello are ready to talk about it in this (hopefully) regular series.

Be warned, however: This podcast is not for the weak of heart or anyone who is afraid of seriously obsessive geek-out sessions. At any moment, Collura might dovetail into a 15-minute dissertation on the dangers of being related to Worf. Or Phil will guarantee himself a future of loneliness because of his intensive knowledge of Voyager!

But! If you know the difference between Matt Decker and Will Decker, if the prospect of an M-5 multitronic unit makes you feel like Captain Dunsel, if you agreed that Picard should've blown up the damned ship… well, then you're in the right place.

In this debut episode of Transporter Room 3, we talk about the new William Shatner documentary The Captains as well as the recent announcement that Star Trek: The Next Generation is coming to Blu-ray. Plus, we ponder that age-old question: Which Riker do you prefer -- transporter accident Tom Riker or bushy-bearded alternate universe "The Borg are everywhere!" Riker?!

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  1. I had to comment and say I loved Conspiracy. I also love your podcast and am looking forward to working my way through all these back episodes.

  2. Cock slapping the rails. Bravo...