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Monday, March 26, 2012

Episode 18: Did Tasha Yar's Death Save Star Trek?

If you're looking for discussions about the fate of 25-year-old supporting characters on sci-fi shows, oh then you've come to the right podcast!


Transporter Room 3 returns with Phil Pirrello and Scott Collura dropping nerd knowledge on all things Star Trek, and this week we tackle the most important topic of our -- nay -- any age: Was Tasha Yar's death the best thing to happen to Next Generation?

Think about it. Had Data's virginity thief lived long and prospered for more than 23 episodes in the main timeline, we would have had many TNG episodes considerably less awesome than "Yesterday's Enterprise." Hell, we may have been forced to revisit "Code of Honor"'s Planet Racism! Had Tasha lived, Worf probably never would have gotten the bump to tactical and the solid run of Klingon-centric episodes that came with it. So did Tasha deserve to die? Or should she have gone all #7seasonsand4movies with the rest of TNG's crew? Debate along with us!

Also: Our hailing frequencies pick up a mailbag from one brave listener who confuses "Second Skin"'s Cardassian Kira with KARDASHIAN Kira. *throws up every meal since 1994* We also reach back in time for another Red Shirt of the Week: Lt. "Frostbite" Torres from "Encounter at Farpoint," the first TNG victim of Q's brief use of Mr. Freeze-ing folk. All this AND the debut of Phil's speed-metal band, Detector Cirkit, await you on this most glorious of podcasts!

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