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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Episode 34: Star Trek Into Darkness Prologue: Best/Worst 9 Minutes of Trek Ever?

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness, then have your mom take you RIGHT NOW. We don't care if she's at work -- you have the most valid reason ever. Her boss will understand. Oh and you probably shouldn't listen to the podcast. There be spoilers here!

Transporter Room 3, Episode 34


Seriously. SPOILERS. In all caps. You've been warned.

It's fitting that Transporter Room 3's last podcast of 2012 is its first ever from a minivan.

Maybe "fitting" isn't the right word -- we can find one later. But first, let's discuss Star Trek Into Darkness.

The whole world (wide web) has been on the verge of obsessive behavior concerning Mr. Spock's volcano suit and Kirk pulling a Raiders right before swimming for his underwater starship. Yep, Scott and Phil discuss the logic-be-damned nerdgasm of an underwater Enterprise, as well as what (few) clues about the film's plot can be gleaned from this nine-minute IMAX presentation.

And you know that new trailer that's out there? Oh yeah, we devote mouth sounds to that too!

Of course, no podcast would be complete without adding another Red Shirt to the memorial wall (read: our dorm-room fridge). Who's our Red Shirt -- or Shirts -- this week? Listen and find out!

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Check out Episode 34 of Transporter Room 3 right here:

Transporter Room 3, Episode 34



  1. I saw the preview and was also really bothered by what seemed to be a total disregard for the prime directive by trying to save the planet of a pre-warp society.
    I realize I am clutching at straws here, but here is the way I looked at it, and the way I hope it is explained in the film. Because spock lost his entire world in the last film, this version of spock is determined to stop that from happening elsewhere, order be dammed. This version of Spock, with the knowledge that this planet is doomed, may be unable to simple observe and record the planets destuction, which is possibly what the orignal order from starfleet was. After all, it is spock himself who is putting on that suit and risking his life by trying to stop the volcano (You can get even deeper and say that by saving this world, he's on some level trying to redeem himself from what he precieved as his failure to save his own world--but this being the Abrams universe I doubt they would take the time to get that deep into character motivations).
    The film business is less about art and story telling and more about just making money. And which star trek film will make more money, one with deep and meaningful charaacter expositions or one with alot of cool effects and nonstop action?

    As an aside I want to add the the spirit of the original trek universe (as well as the charcters we love) do at least live on in book form. If you haven't read a star trek book in a long time I strongly reccomend doing so; some of the newer stuff being released is actually quite excellent.

    Keep up the great work; can't wait to have you back next year.

    1. orders be dammed* (not order be dammed)

  2. Thanks Jay. Can you get those Star Trek books on the PADD?