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Friday, October 28, 2011

Episode 4: Sex, Holodeck Style!

Welcome back to Transporter Room 3, our Star Trek-only podcast where we virtually guarantee that our progeny and our progeny's progeny will get beaten up by whatever their generation's equivalent of a jock is! (A parrises squares player?)

TR3 features Trek fanatics (and IGN editors) Scott Collura and Phil Pirrello talking all things Star Trek each week. Get down with the Psi 2000 sickness!

This week, we set our phasers to "pervy" as we answer listener mailbag about whether or not Starfleet frowned upon banging pixels and polygons on the holodeck. And then, after taking a sonic shower, we turn our attention to a healthy discussion of DS9's "Things Past," Garak's racism and Twitter's hilarious loglines for episodes of TNG's Season 8. Plus, Trek's best (worst?) Halloween episodes and Red Shirt of the Week -- this week's poor bastard put on the yellow tunic and still got screwed. The Red Shirt is like the Final Destination of uniforms…

Riker would hit that.

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