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Friday, January 20, 2012

Episode 13: Two Many Rikers!

Yes, we live in a world where there's a TV show where there are two Will Rikers. Indeed, life is grand.

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Phil and Scott return for our latest, most technically inept podcast yet! Yes, Transporter Room 3's engineers can master pattern buffers and targeting scanners, but sometimes the intricacies of Garage Band are elusive to them. Still, we forge (La Forge?!) ahead with a discussion of one of our favorite not-so-great TNG episodes, "Second Chances." You know, the one with the two Rikers! No, the other one with the two Rikers!

Then, of course, we do the Listener Mailbag thing (Saavik got knocked up by Spock?) and Red Shirt of the Week (did you know Worf was a killer of red shirts?)... before things all go to hell.

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