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Friday, February 10, 2012

Episode 15: Spock's Boobs

Welcome to Transporter Room 3, the only corner of the Internet galaxy where chestal-region body art crosses with discussions of all things Star Trek.

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This week's NSFW and angel-dust fueled episode blames all sorts of things we can't believe we said aloud on our Mirror Universe versions. That's right, we talk about The Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror." What sparked this week's episode topic, you ask? A woman's ode to Spock by way of boob tattoos. (Tit-toos? *cymbal crash, crickets...*)

Oh and we interrupt our podcast with a breaking nerd news story -- our first time ever, kids! Doctor Who and Star Trek: TNG will finally get that comic book crossover that no one really asked for. So we'll weigh in on that existing, as well as news about Hasbro's new Star Trek 2 toys ("expensive and shitty"?). And of course, we strap on our black arm bands once again for another fallen Red Shirt of the Week.

So listen to TR3, and learn why our intellectual banter was so stimulating that Scott's mom had to stop listening! But don't YOU stop listening. Oh no, not you. Yeah you, the guy at his computer, listening with the 32" Vizio on in the background. Yes. YOU. You're about to get Tantalus Field'd if you don't "Like" us on Facebook and love us with star ratings on iTunes. Just kidding about the Tantalus Field thing. Or am I?!

We regret nothing.

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  1. Great episode guys, can't wait to hear what Sloan episode your gonna tackle! Speaking of DS9, do either of you mad trekkers(ies? F@@@ who cares) know if Bashir was always meant to be like KAAAAAAAHHHN or did they pull that out of their @ss?

  2. Another great episode guys awesome work!!! I loved the laughter at the end of the podcast, I wish I could see Scott's face when he cracked up laughing.

    boobs :)

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