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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Episode 48: Dominic Keating, Malcolm Reed Himself, Beams In!

This week, Lt. Malcolm Reed swings by Transporter Room 3 to talk all things Season 2 of Star Trek: Enterprise -- on Blu-ray!

Transporter Room 3, Episode 48


Just in time for Enterprise's second season on Blu, actor Dominic Keating gives us a refreshingly candid and very funny interview about some of our favorite S2 episodes, the series' infamous finale, and more. He even serenades us! (And yes, you will hear Scott swoon. You're welcome.)


After our chat with the inventor of the tactical alert, another Red Shirt beams in for the best funeral the Internet can afford! So who is this week's DOA? From what series? Listen and find out!

Set your phase pistols to stun, get yourself a piece of pineapple (Reed's favorite!) and click on for Episode 48 of TR3!

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Transporter Room 3, Episode 48