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Friday, September 12, 2014

Become a Red Shirt of the Week!

Now, finally, here's your chance to support the Star Trek podcast with the mostest!

Yes, we are now whoring ourselves out: You can buy a Transporter Room 3 T-shirt to help us keep the podcast going. And in the process, you can become a Red Shirt of the Week too!

Picking up one of our unique TR3 shirts does not guarantee you'll survive your next landing party... in fact, it pretty much guarantees the opposite. But at least you'll go out in style.

The sale of these shirts operates through Teespring, which collects the pre-orders on the shirts. You aren't charged and the shirts don't ship until we hit a target goal of a specific amount of pre-orders, which means if you really want one of these shirts, you should convince your friends/loved ones/Tribbles to buy one/100/infinity too. The proceeds from the shirts will help to support the podcast's basic operational costs.

So, you know, make it so...

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