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Friday, December 5, 2014

Episode 69: Q Himself, John de Lancie, Beams into TR3 while Roberto Orci Beams Out of Trek 3

Breaking news, everybody!

Star Trek 3 has lost its director, writer-producer Roberto Orci. What does that mean for the film hitting its 50th Anniversary release date? Who will replace him? And what is up with that rumored time-travel plot?! Transporter Room 3 gets down to the bottom of it.

Transporter Room 3, Episode 69



And just in time for the TNG Season 7 Blu-ray, we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with the Continuum's Number One resident, Q himself, John de Lancie!

Scott sits down to talk to the number one cause of laughter for androids (reference!) about the legacy of Next Generation and the final days of shooting the finale, the always-great "All Good Things."


And yes, we have a Red Shirt. He's the topic of our podcast!

So activate your static warp shells and turn up your Winamps, S is about to get R on the next episode of TR3!

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Transporter Room 3, Episode 69



  1. Really excellent interview with John, and he comes across as a nice guy that enjoyed his role - a great character. Hopefully the departure of Mr Orci will trigger a self implosion of the nu trek verse ( even typing that makes me feel ill ) and we can reset back to post TNG with cannon era.
    Great work over the past few weeks, really shows that you care after the T shirt campaign - thank you for working to show your commitment to myself and every other red shirt out there.
    Any news on a transporter room 3 domain ?

  2. Thanks for listening! We'd love to see a return to the TNG era (or after) even if it ran concurrently with the rebooted universe. And thanks for your comments about our show. We are trying! Regarding the domain, we have purchased the domain name and are planning a site redesign in the near future.