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Monday, May 2, 2016

Episode 87: When and Where CBS’ New Star Trek Show Might Be Set

Welcome back. A lot has happened since we last, uh, casted… Um, spoke via internet?

Transporter Room 3, Episode 87


Anyway, we have a BIG update for you on when and where CBS' new Star Trek TV show will be set (Star Trek VI fans, this one's for you) -- not to mention what we want to see if the show goes the anthology route.


We also chat a bit about the new show heading to Toronto (goodbye, Paramount backlot!), what is going on with Star Trek Beyond and, of course, another Red Shirt of the Week. This one comes "beaming down" all the way from DS9.

So pour yourself a glass of Picard's wine and listen now to a new ep of TR3!

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Transporter Room 3, Episode 87



  1. The NY Trek convention is Labor Day weekend. It's after the films release, is the first NY convention in many years, and overall is meant to celebrate 50 years of Trek. I would bet that the chances of an announcement concerning the new show are 100% with the only question being what the announcement will be. It's probably too soon to even make casting announcements so short of directly announcing the setting I think maybe presenting a photo of the ship and nothing else could be a smart marketing move as it would fuel fan speculation. Of the idea could backfire when fans get into a uproar about some issue they have with the new ship... I guess the smarter move is to present the complete vision they have for show to fans and to do so in the most positive light possible; there may never be a more positive place to do it than a huge 'Trek Celebration'. Consider the effort behind the recent fan event just to basically premiere the new ST: Beyond trailer in front of a receptive crowd (BTW that fan event poster is amazing).

  2. Since it's in the fall, I think we'll get something good -- cast announcements or the like.