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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Episode 129: Star Trek: Discovery’s S1 Finale Ends on a Very Cool ‘Holy S#!t’ Note

So, that happened!

Transporter Room 3, Episode 129


A lot of things went down in Star Trek Discovery's first season finale -- from Tilly getting high to Pike's Enterprise showing up (!) -- and we have lots of questions. And we’ve got a full breakdown of what worked, and what didn't, about "Will You Take My Hand?"

From a visit to the Klingon homeworld where a surprising amount of Orions hang out to the end of the war to the goodbye (?) of a couple of major characters, we cover it all.

Plus, we also touch on the awesomeness that was the recent SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch. And, of course, we have yet another dead Red Shirt. With green skin!

So fire up your alien fondue pot full of narcotic volcanic ash and listen now to TR3!

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Transporter Room 3, Episode 129



  1. The finale was a little underwhelming and the story was pretty poor. The way Georgiou was made the captain also didnt make much sense, even if starfleet is hardup. This finale felt like it should have been a 2 parter maybe. the end of the war was kinda lame. still probably the best pilot season of any trek ever, by a long shot.

    Personally I think that redesign of the Constitution class looks amazing. its closer to the refit than the original, which is good in my view. i think it looks great. the lower saucer section looks fantastic. Just compare it to the jj verse enterprise which looks like a mattel toy for jem and the holograms, flying around in the hair salon.

    discovery is a win.

  2. Everything the season was built on - the war with the Klingons, the spore drive... both pretty much brushed away in a few lines of dialogue... I think that cheapens the entire season. Why did I become emotionally invested in everything just to be given a rushed ending which also ruins canon.
    Easter Eggs are nice but after a while it seems like pandering. While I tried to mentally distance this Star Trek from what has come before it, it was these "Easter Eggs" and the constant name dropping that told me - hey we are in the universe you so fondly remember.
    Seeing the Klingons not caring that humans were hanging out on their planet during a war really took me out of it.

    1. Definitely hear you on a lot of these points. Too much namedropping for me...