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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Episode 50: Trek on TV, Iconic Movie Moments, and Mr. Worf in the House!

For our 50th episode of Transporter Room 3, we've pulled a John Hammond and spared no expense!

Transporter Room 3, Episode 50


You asked for it, you got it: Scott and Phil take on the future of Trek on TV for the Big 5-0. We also focus in on Trek's Most Iconic Movie Moments for the original crew. We figured: Hey, if we're gonna celebrate a milestone, let's also look back and celebrate a few milestones belonging to the original Enterprise crew!

(Don't worry. Next Gen is near the top of the "To-Do" list.)


And we follow that up with our long-lost interview with Michael Dorn discussing all things Klingon and a very cool TV idea for Mr. Worf. There's also Red Shirt of the Week, a sweet Trek book giveaway, and that one time Phil gave Leonard Nimoy pizza.

True story.


So put on your dress uniform, pour a glass of Romulan Ale, and listen to TR3's Episode 50 now!

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Transporter Room 3, Episode 50



  1. Omg, fix your mic. Painful listening to, especially with headphones. :(

  2. As a Google hangout user also at times, no matter the quality of the recording the hangout can be painful to listen to.
    Good podcast! still waiting for a Voyager ep review, recorded on a submarine to shake things up.

  3. We've been working on our sub in the back yard for several months now... stay tuned!

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