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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Episode 71: Is Star Trek 3 in Trouble?

Happy 2015, everybody! We leave for one (very long) Christmas break and come back to find Star Trek 3 with 100% more Justin Lin.

Transporter Room 3, Episode 71


And recently, Simon Pegg was brought on to help write a story that, if the rumors are true, could get an assist in the villain department from Bryan Cranston. We take a look at the "end-runaround" that is the threequel’s development, telling you what's what and if you should set your phasers to "worry."


We also dig up another fallen Red Shirt -- this one being the first female ever killed on The Original Series. Who is she? Listen now and find out!

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Transporter Room 3, Episode 71



  1. Happy new year and welcome back, as a progress report, I have yet to meet any women at all - how did I ever live without my red shirt !??
    Any news on the new site, equipment, etc...
    Would it be possible for Phil ( i think ) to tone down the F bombs - makes it hard to have the podcast on casually.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for the progress report. Sounds like a lot of progress has been made!

      Expect an update on the new site soon...

  2. Please don't eat during the recording. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere but listening to you repeatedly smack your lips through my headphones was probably the worst podcast listening experience I've ever had.