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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Episode 83: Why Star Trek Returning to TV Is a Big Deal

It's finally happened! Star Trek is returning to television thanks to CBS and we couldn't be happier than Worf with a glass of fresh prune juice.

Transporter Room 3, Episode 83


But what does it all mean? Where and when can you watch it? What's the show going to be about? Who gets to boldly go this time? Listen to Transporter Room 3 now to find out what is -- and should be -- happening on the first new Trek show since Enterprise.


Plus, an entire crew of Red Shirts pay us a visit this week, coming from a planet that was there, “but not anymore!!!" (Reference!)

So put on your green tunics and get comfy -- it's time for Transporter Room 3!

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Transporter Room 3, Episode 83



  1. I have so much to say on this...
    First what type of insane deal did they give Abrams when they signed him for the 09 reboot? How did it come to be that almost 10 years later the creation of a new show required the approval of Abrams/Bad Robot? It would be like if Nolan owned a piece of Batman after doing batman begins. When, if ever, does Abrams attachment to the franchise end?
    Then there's the issue of where the show is 'airing': I couldn't imagine anything worse than a new premium streaming service, who do they expect to subscribe? If they're relying on old fans why are they giving the series over to people the fans universally dislike? On top of everything as long as Bittorrent exists CBS won't see a dime from me. Why do executives think Trek is the perfect thing to launch a network (phase 2, voyager)
    I predict that if the show launches on this new CBS streaming service, there will not be a season 2. (implications of this show failing would practically end the franchise)

  2. Time will tell, though keep in mind this is not a Bad Robot production. It's Kurtzman's production company. Not sure if that's better or worse!