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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Episode 88: Why You Need to Get Excited for Star Trek Beyond

This week, Transporter Room 3 goes… Beyond!

Transporter Room 3, Episode 88


Star Trek Beyond's latest trailer (finally) hit last week, and we were in attendance at the fan event where J.J. Abrams and Just Lin revealed the new preview along with at least 10 minutes of exclusive footage.

So how good was it? Listen and find out.

We've also seen the short teaser for CBS Access' new Star Trek TV show and have some thoughts. Lots of them. (To Praxis or not to Praxis, that is the question…)

And a Red Shirt visits us from "beyond" the grave -- and from inside a turbolift. So pour out some of Chekov's whiskey (we'll explain later) and listen now to the new ep of TR3!

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Listen to Episode 88 of Transporter Room 3 right here:

Transporter Room 3, Episode 88



  1. I've also seen people saying the star is actually the nova destroying Romulus. The show could follow eras of change after disasters. Perhaps one pro-Federation time-travelling force is actually behind them, the bridge between the different eras, going back to the formation of the Federation (give us some nice Earth-Romulan War stories!), it gives a nice moral conflict: would you stop this person before he goes back in time to cause so much death and destruction, when you know it would mean the Federation wouldn't have existed?
    But this is just some fanwanking...

  2. Fanwanking makes the world go 'round!