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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Episode 178: Happy Star Trek: Picard Day! Here's Our Review of the Premiere Episode

Patrick Stewart is back as Jean-Luc Picard, after an 18-year absence. It's the first time since 1994 that Picard has been on television, and we got to see the first Star Trek: Picard episode on the big screen (yay!). So, how was it? We have some thoughts...

Transporter Room 3, Episode 178


Plus, we chat about the latest Picard news (Season 2? Yep! Guinan? Yep!!) as well as the Picard premiere party that we were lucky enough to attend (and suck up to Rick Berman at).

We also have a Red Shirt, in honor of Star Trek: Voyager's recent 25th anniversary. So pour a glass of Chateau Picard wine and listen now to the newest ep of TR3!

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Transporter Room 3, Episode 178


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